Luther Price

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Mousse Magazine, Body of Work, interview by Ed Halter, 2012

Art in America, review by David Duncan, 2012

Idiom, The Hand Made Luther Price, Aaron Cutler and Mariana Shellard, 2012 (web)

Art in America, Decoding Images, Luther Price #9, Leigh Anne Miller, 2012 (web)

Real | Reel Journal, Nine Films by Luther Price at LUX/ICA Biennial, by Chloë Penman, 2012

BOMB Magazine, by Andrew Lampert, 2012

Luther Price and the Politics of Appropriation, by Amy Budd, LUX / ICA Journal, 2012

The New York Times, A Survey of a Different Color, Roberta Smith on the Whitney Biennial, 2012

New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz on the Whitney Biennial, 2012