Özlem Altin

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Camera Austria International, »Gestures of Touching«, by Vanessa Joan Müller, 2014

»Shaping the Void«, by Juana Berrío, Bielefelder Kunstverein, 2014

frieze d/e, »Still Moving«, feature by Sara Stern, 2013

Art Agenda, Federica Bueti on »Cathartic ballet«, 2013

Artforum Critics' Picks, Jenny Nachtigall on »Cathartic ballet«, 2013

Francesco Ventrella, »Choreographing the Body of Weight«, catalogue text, 2012

Victoria Gray on »Untitled (Evidence)«, roves and roams, 2011

Mousse Magazine, »Survival of an Idea«, interview with Christiane Rekade, 2010